Jeremy Knight

Jeremy is the owner and a Level 1 certified trainer at CrossFit Tucker. Prior to joining the CrossFit Tucker family in 2013, Jeremy was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. After struggling with his weight and the side effects of his Crohn’s medication, Jeremy discovered the Paleo Diet and lost 50 pounds in five months and transitioned off of his medication. Then, when he and his wife relocated to Atlanta in 2013, Jeremy took his health to the next level and joined CrossFit Tucker, where he went on to lose another 20 pounds during his first few months.

“I feel healthier than I have felt in years, and I’m in the best shape of my life,” Jeremy said. “It has been a challenging, but rewarding journey, and I love being part of the CFT family.”

When he’s not working out with the 9:30 a.m. crew or keeping the gym in top notch condition, Jeremy and wife and kids enjoy spending time outside and enjoying an active lifestyle.

CrossFit L-1 Certified

  • Strength 50%
  • Agility 80%
  • Endurance 10%

Philip Cala


Philip is a Level 2 CrossFit certified trainer at CrossFit Tucker. Philip has had a focus on helping people reach their physical fitness goals since he was at Auburn University, where is studied Nutrition Science and worked as a personal trainer for nearly four years. But when he was introduced to CrossFit in 2009 he immediately fell in love with the sport and never looked back, going on to receive his Level 1 CrossFit certification later that year and jumping right into coaching at a local Auburn affiliate gym.

Since then Philip has also received his Level 2 CrossFit certification, as well as certifications in CrossFit Movement and Mobility. Phillip is passionate about helping his athletes improve the quality of their lives through fitness, and specializing in helping athletes scale any movement or workout to fit their ability while helping them continue to improve. Philip is also responsible for writing all of the programming at CFT. When he’s not CrossFitting, Philip enjoys playing golf, sharpening up his nutrition skills in the kitchen, and taking his awesome fur-baby Buddy to the park.


CrossFit L-1 Certified, CrossFit L-2 Certified, CrossFit Movement Certified, CrossFit Mobility Certified

  • Cala Abs 50%
  • Beard Strength 20%
  • Patience 30%

Brian Bell

Brian Bell is a Level 1 certified coach at CrossFit Tucker. Born and raised in Rochester, NY, Brian has been an athlete all his life. During his athletic career Brian has played football at the high school and college levels, been a wrestler, muay thai fighter, and a collegiate rugby player. After his school years were over, Brian was looking for something new to keep himself active and healthy. After attending a regular “globo gym” for several years post-college Brian discovered CrossFit in 2011 and it gave him the athletic outlet that he had been craving.

Brian specializes in lifting technique and barbell path. “The best thing about being a CrossFit coach is that every time I walk into the gym, I have the opportunity to change people’s lives and help them do the things they want to do,” Brian said.

CrossFit L-1 Certified

  • Ability to See When You No Rep 30%
  • Dislike of the Phrase “I Can’t” 50%
  • Ability to Improve Your Squat Depth 20%

Angie Buckem

Angie Buckem is a Level 1, NASM personal training, NASM Kettlebell and TRX certified coach at CrossFit Tucker who has been CrossFitting for more than 6 years. It wasn’t long after Angie discovered her passion for coaching that she decided to make health and fitness her full-time career. Her favorite CrossFit workouts include Fight Gone Bad and Grace.

Prior to joining the CFT team Angie was a collegiate athlete, pitching four years for the Georgia State University softball program. Angie also spent 14 years in the Social Work field, managing non-profit programs that support people with developmental disability.

CrossFit L-1 Certified, NASM Personal Training & Kettlebell Certified, TRX Certified

  • Strength 85%
  • Softball Skills 95%
  • Endurance 50%

Jason Winterstein

Jason Winterstein is a Crossfit Level 1 and Crossfit Endurance certified coach at CrossFit Tucker. The son of a high school wrestling coach, he was meagerly active in sports as a child.  He enjoyed soccer and wrestling, but never really excelled particularly in either.  After years of inactivity, Jason rediscovered fitness at the birth of his second child.  He initially dabbled in martial arts, then did a stint of obstacle course races which led to longer distance races.

Jason got started with CrossFit in 2013 as an experienced trail runner with the goal of building his core and becoming a better overall runner. Today, Jason has successfully completed multiple ultra marathons. When he’s not running ridiculously long distances or CrossFitting, Jason breaks out his utility belt and tools and makes upgrades at the CFT gym.

CrossFit L-1 Certified, CrossFit Endurance

  • Beard Strength 60%
  • Ability to Run Farther Than You 85%
  • Chief Gym Designer 25%

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