CrossFit Tucker - CrossFitWhiteboard Brief(0:00 - 3:00) – Metcon: Today work at an 80% effort splitting work with your partner however you see fit. Score = no score today.Warm-up (3:00 - 15:00) Set-up all equipment and complete 1 round for each athlete of: 10 Box Jump...

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CrossFit Tucker - CrossFitWhiteboard Brief(0:00 - 3:00) Metcon: Open WOD 19.1 consists of AMRAP 15 of 19 Wall balls and 19 calorie Row. The goal today is to start with a slower pace and increase your intensity as needed, you’ll pay the price if you start too fast....

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CrossFit Tucker - CrossFitWhiteboard Brief (0:00 - 3:00) – Strength: Sumo deadlifts will be 85% of weight established Monday, 2/4. Band will add extra resistance. This is the final week of this cycle performing 12 singles, every 45s. – Metcon: We are de-loading today...

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Barbell Club – 20190221

CrossFit Tucker - Barbell ClubWarmup3x through as superset 1min of 10sec alternating hold with Plank and Down Dog 30sec Hollow hold 3x through as superset 10 barbell presses 10 RDL's with just barbellSkill Warm-upMuscle Clean + Front Squat + Hang Clean from Knee +...

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CrossFit Tucker - CrossFitWhiteboard Brief(0:00 - 3:00) – Skill: Every minute on the minute – 30 seconds gymnastics skill work; 30 seconds rest. Today’s focus will be skill work to prepare for the open. You get to choose the movement. Try to pick a gymnastics movement...

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CrossFit Tucker - CrossFitWhiteboard Brief(0:00 - 3:00) – Strength: Perform 3 reps every 60 seconds x 6 sets. We are going for moderate weight with added resistance (the band) which will be a smaller band attached at both sides of the barbell. Brace the core and...

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