CrossFit Tucker - CrossFitWhiteboard Brief(0:00 - 3:00) – Strength: Today we will be working up to a 1RM push jerk. Start with some larger warm up sets (around 4-5 reps) and gradually decrease reps to singles as you work up to your 1RM. We will leave some time after...

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CrossFit Tucker - CrossFitWhiteboard Brief (0:00 - 3:00) – Strength: Today’s strength work will be the focus of today’s class. We want you to strive for high-quality reps for all of today’s OLY/strength work. You will complete 2 HANG SQUAT snatches every 60-90s for 12...

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Barbell Club – 20190328

CrossFit Tucker - Barbell ClubWarmup500m Row 3x through 1min of alternating between Plank Hold and Down Dog 10 Split Presses with barbell 1min rotational spine workSkill Warm-upWith barbell and/or light weight Romanian Deadlift + Muscle Clean + Thruster + Push Press +...

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CrossFit Tucker - CrossFitWhiteboard Brief(0:00 - 3:00) – Metcon: Today we will complete an active recovery metcon with a partner. Aim between 60-70% effort on all movements. Form should remain consistent and efficient throughout the entire workout. Partners can split...

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CrossFit Tucker - CrossFitWhiteboard Brief(0:00 - 3:00) – Strength: Today we will be doing some upper body and core work. You will establish a max effort set for each of the following: chin ups (supinated grip), pushups, and an L-sit or hollow hold (for time). Rx+...

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Barbell Club – 20190326

CrossFit Tucker - Barbell ClubWarmupSkill Warm-upWith barbell Straight-arm Snatch Pull + Snatch High Pull + Muscle Snatch + Overhead Squat + Drop Snatch + Hang SnatchSkill with WeightWork up in weight until technique fails Snatch Pull + Hang Snatch Pull + Hang...

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