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CrossFit Tucker – CrossFit


400m run


Bear crawl

Cow grazers

Inch worm with push-up

200m run

10 air squats

10 scap push-ups

10 barbell good mornings

10 barbell deadlifts

* leave bar on the floor for workout

PVC work


What is your best guess on Baby Buckem’s name? (hint: it’s a girl, name can be gender neutral)


The Chief (AMRAP – Rounds)

Max rounds in 3 minutes of:

3 Power Cleans, 135#

6 Push-ups

9 Squats

Rest 1-minute.

Repeat for a total of 5 cycles
* Begin each round where you ended the prevoius.

* Score is total number of rounds completed.

* Any additional reps should be scored in the comments box.