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CrossFit Tucker – CrossFit

WOD Brief and Warmup

(0:00 – 12:00)

Warmup Run

400 Meter Easy Jog

1 Minute Each

Active Samson

Active Spidermans

Push-up to Down Dog

30 Seconds Each Side

Perfomed With Light Dumbbell

Single Dumbbell Deadlift

Single Dumbbell Reverse Lunges (Hold Goblet Style)

Single Dumbbell Strict Press

Single Dumbbell Goblet Squat

Metcon Prep


Step-up Movement Prep

On Lower Box:

8 Alternating Step-ups (No Weight)

6 Alternating Step-ups (Light Weight)

4 Alternating Step-ups (Workout Weight)

Snatch Movement Prep

Each Side With Lighter Weight:

3 Jump & Shrugs (Straight Arms)

3 High Pulls

3 Strict Press

6 Alternating Snatches

Hang Clean & Jerk Movement Prep

Each Side With Lighter Weight:

6 Dumbbell Swings

6 Push Jerks

6 Hang Clean & Jerks (3 Each Side)


Quarter Pounder (Time)

2 Rounds:

400 Meter Run

30 Single Dumbbell Box Step-Ups (24/20)

400 Meter Run

30 Single Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerks

400 Meter Run

30 Single Dumbbell Power Snatches

Dumbbell: 50/35

Running is paired with 3 dumbbell movements in this longer Saturday workout

We expect this 2 round workout to take somewhere in the 20-30 minute range to complete


We’ll use one dumbbell for all movements today, choosing a weight that you are capable of completing 30+ power snatches unbroken when fresh

It is ok to use a different weight for the step-ups than you use for the Hang Clean & Jerks and Snatches

Box Step-ups: Alternate Legs Every Rep

Hang Clean and Jerks: Alternate Arms Every 5 Reps

Power Snatches: Alternate Arms Every Rep


If unable to run, complete one of the following:

500/400 Meter Row