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CrossFit Tucker – CrossFit

Whiteboard Brief

Halloween Partner Workout. Workout in your costume. Prizes will be given to the best costume in each class. We will be using medballs in place of pumpkins – 10 lb for the ladies and 14 for the men.


5 Minutes of Dynamic Warm-up that consists of: 50-100 ft of:

Knee Hug + Lunge + Toe Point + Thoracic Rotation

Inch worms (half distance + jog the rest)

Butt Kickers

Broad Jumps

Jumping Jack Shuffle (both sides)

Carioca (both sides)


3 sets of 15 banded pullaparts.


Halloween (Time)

Teams of 2 – 3

2 Rounds for Time*

(Pumpkin = Medball 14/10)

Split up reps as needed

400 M Pumpkin Run

(must be done together! If you need to switch the weight off, you must both stop and then switch. Pumpkin is cradled under one arm)

31 x Weighted Chest 2 Ground Push Ups (45/25)

(bumper plate will rest on the back/ scaled may go to knees. “resting” partner will hold Pumpkin OVERHEAD. Push-ups cannot be performed unless Pumpkin is overhead)

31 x Weighted Overhead Situps 45/25

(Plate must touch ground overhead when back is on the ground, and extended overhead at the top of the sit-up. Resting partner will hold Pumpkin in bottom of Goblet Squat position. )

31 Pumpkin Squat Cleans

(Pumpkin cannot be placed on the ground when switching between partners. Resting partner will hold pumpkin and not place it on the ground.)

31 Pumpkin Box Jumps* (20 in)

(Resting partner will hold pumpkin away from body with arms parallel to the ground.)

*If pumpkin is allowed at any time to touch the ground, team must perform 20 Burpees immediately
RX+ Medball 20/14