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CrossFit Tucker – CrossFit

Whiteboard Brief

(0:00 – 3:00)

– Strength: Nothing fancy, just some good ole bench press work for 5 x 5. The goal is to build to a moderately heavy weight over the course of 5 sets. Increase your rest to 2 mins for those last couple of heavy sets. Superset your bench with strict inverted rows changing grip on every set. All sets should be challenging.

– Metcon: Today’s workout can be done in ANY order. We are looking for 3 minutes of consistent work with limited bouts of rest. Nothing here should push you over the edge in terms of redlining so try to work with a limited stoppage. Score = total reps.


(3:00 – 15:00)

Box Programming Upper Warm-up

With a barbell + foam roller + light band

2 Rounds of:

6 Bent-over Rows

6 Push Press

6 Barbell Curls

25 Banded Pull-aparts

10 Passes Foam Roller on each Lat

10 Thoracic Rotations each

Then right into a 3-Way Banded Shoulder + Lat Stretch x 30s each position


Bench Press (5-5-5-5-5)

5 x 5, adding weight each set. Rest 60s.

– Rest longer as the weight gets heavier.

– Beginner: 5 x 5 with one weight for all sets.

Inverted Rows (8-8-8-8-8)

5 x 8-10. Rest 60s.

– change grip every set ie. pronated, supinated, wide, close.

– Adv. wear a vest + elevate feet


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

For Max Reps:

3:00 of DB Renegade Rows (50s, 30s)

3:00 of Banded Pushdowns (or Max Calories Ski Erg)

3:00 of Barbell Curls (45, 35)

3:00 of Hang Muscle Cleans (45, 35)

3:00 Max 50 Ft. Trips of Front Rack Carry (53s, 35s)

*Score = total reps (50 ft. = 1 Rep)
*Athlete choice of Renegade Rows/Barbell Curls/Front Rack Carry for Scaling today. This does NOT need to be heavy on this one.

Extra Credit

(55:00 – 60:00)

5 Minutes of Parasympathetic Breathing OR Light Foam Rolling