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CrossFit Tucker – CrossFit

WOD Brief and Warmup

(0:00 – 12:00)

30 Seconds

Easy Row

Push-up Plank Hold (On Hands)

Active Spidermans

Banded Pass Throughs

Moderate Row

Hollow Hold

Inchworm to Push-up

Banded Pull Aparts

Faster Row

Alternating Bird Dogs

Push-up to Down Dog

Banded Press Downs

Barbell Warmup

5 Good Mornings

5 Back Squats

5 Elbow Rotations

5 Strict Press & Reach

5 Romanian Deadlifts

5 Front Squats


Banded 3-Way Shoulder: 30 Seconds Each Direction

Metcon Prep


Movement Prep

10 Scap Pull-ups

20 Second Hollow Hold on Bar

1-3 Strict Pull-ups

Movement Subs

Banded Strict Pull-ups

Ring Rows


Movement Prep

15 Second Push-up Plank Hold (Top)

15 Second Push-up Plank Hold (Bottom)

3-5 Push-ups

Movement Subs

Elevate Hands to Box or Bench

Knee Push-ups


Movement Prep

10 Empty Bar Bench Press


Bench Press (3-3-3-3-3-3)

Athletes will have about 13 minutes to build to a Heavy Triple Bench Press

For safety, ensure athletes always have a spotter and have their thumbs wrapped around the bar throughout the lift

We recommend that spotters do not assist with lifting the weight until the bar starts moving back down

If an athlete has to lift alone for some reason, do not have them put clips on the bar so the weight can easily slide off if they get pinned


Swole Cycle (AMRAP – Reps)

Tabata Style:

Strict Pull-Ups

Row Calories


Row Calories

Tabata: 8 Rounds of :20 On / :10 Off

Strict upper body movements are the focus of today’s workout

We’ll start out the day by building to a heavy triple Bench Press

“Swole Cycle” is a repeat workout from 8.13.2019

Athletes will complete all 8 rounds of the strict pull-ups before moving to the 8 rounds of assault bike, and so on…

The score at the end of the 16 minutes is the total reps completed during your work stations

There is no rest between stations beyond the :10 seconds


Choose a variation that allows for at least 3-5 reps within each 20 second window


Choose a variation that allows for at least 7-10 reps within each 20 second window

After Party

Row Conditioning

3 x 40/27 Calorie Row

Rest 1:30 Between

3 x 30/21 Calorie Row

Rest 1:30 Between

3 x 18/15 Calorie Row

Rest 1:30 Between