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CrossFit Tucker – CrossFit

WOD Brief and Warmup

(0:00 – 12:00)

1 Minute

Easy Row

PVC Straight Leg Swings (30 Each Side)

PVC Overhead Squats

45 Seconds

Moderate Row

PVC Pass Throughs

PVC Overhead Squats

30 Seconds

Faster Row

PVC Lat Stretch

PVC Overhead Squats

Snatch Biased Barbell Warmup

5 Good Mornings

5 Back Squats

5 Elbow Rotations

5 Snatch Grip Behind the Neck Presses

5 Snatch Grip Romanian Deadlifts

5 Overhead Squats

Metcon Prep


Movement Prep

30 Seconds Slow AbMat Sit-ups


Movement Prep

With PVC Pipe:

30 Seconds Elbows High and Outside

30 Seconds Hang Muscle Snatches

30 Seconds Power Snatches

With Barbell From Mid-Shin:

5 High Pulls

5 Muscle Snatches

5 Power Snatches


Muscle Snatch (3-3-3-3-3)

Athletes will have 10 minutes to build to something moderate for a set of 3 Muscle Snatches

Since the goal here is mainly technique, there is no need to complete these as touch and go reps

Athletes can reset of the floor to maintain quality of movement


Four Square (5 Rounds for weight)

On the 4:00 x 5 Rounds:

300/250 Meter Row

20 AbMat Sit-ups

3 Power Snatches

Athletes Build in Weight Over the 5 Rounds

Technique, strength, and conditioning are all built into today’s day of training

We’ll start the day by working technique with the Muscle Snatch

The Muscle Snatches should be completed at moderate weights to allow for sound mechanics

This movement allows athletes to work on explosive triple extension, a solid bar path, and an aggressive upper body turnover

Rounds begin every 4 minutes in “Four Square” (0-4-8-12-16)

Athletes will work through the three movements quickly on each round as they build to a heavy weight in the Power Snatch

If they finish the work in 2 minutes, for example, they’ll rest until the 4 minute mark

Athletes will record the barbell weight used for each round, with the final score being the heaviest load lifted

There is the option to increase weight each round or stay at a challenging weight across the board

To maintain intensity and have some rest built in, let’s aim to complete these rounds in 3 minutes or less


These 3 reps do not have to be completed ‘touch and go’ style

In fact, these shouldn’t be weights that allow for unbroken sets, as we’re looking to work on the moderate to heavy side

Steady singles are likely the best approach over the 5 rounds

Athletes can look to start their first round somewhere around 60% of their 1RM