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CrossFit Tucker – Barbell Club

Warmup 1a Z-Press with Barbell 10 reps Super Set 3x
Warmup 1b Pretzel Stretch 8 long breaths per side

Warmup 2a Turkish Get Up 4 reps alternating sides Super Set 3x
Warmup 2b Thorasic Rolling 1min

Skill Warmup Hang Muscle Snatch Start at knee, pull to hip, elbows to ceiling, quick turnover into press.
No higher than 50% +
Overhead Squat
Tall Snatch Upright row, then pull under to bottom of OHS position

Skill with weight Knee Hang Snatch
Work up to technique failure +
Low Hang Snatch

Skill application EMOM for 6min
Low Hang Snatch @ 85% skill weight max

Strength Back Squat
3×10 @ 60%, 65%, 70%

Strength Option #2 CF Strength
2018-11-08 Clean doubles at 75%
8×2 with 90sec rest