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12 Days of Christmas WOD & Cookie Swap!
Saturday, December 8th @ 2 pm

***Holiday Attire HIGHLY encouraged***

–Bake your favorite Christmas cookie (Paleo or not)
–Please bring a few copies of your recipie
***Family members and guests are welcome***

CrossFit Tucker – Barbell Club


Warm-up 1a – 1min of t-spine rolling

Warm-up 1b – 1min of Shoulder/Bench stretch

repeat 3x through

Warm-up 2a – KB Z-Press 10 reps

Warm-up 2b – Turkish Get Up 4 reps (alternating sides)

repeat 3x through

Skill Warm-up

Barbell should be sufficient – No higher than 50%

A few reps of each of the following (in order):

Snatch Grip Behind-the-Neck Press


Overhead Squat


Snatch Balance / Drop Snatch


Tall Snatch (upright row, then pull under to bottom of OHS position)

Skill with Weight

Work up to technique failure.

Hang Snatch from Knee


Hang Snatch from Mid-Shin

Skill Application

EMOM for 6min

Hang Snatch from Mid-Shin @ 85% of “Skill with Weight” Max for today.


Snatch Grip Deadlift

5×3 @ weight that makes you work just slightly to maintain solid positions.