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CrossFit Tucker – CrossFit

WOD Brief and Warmup

(0:00 – 10:00)

Line Drills

High Knee Karaoke

Over the Hurdle

Knee to Chest

Cradle Stretch

Walking Samson

Lunge & Twist (Over Front Leg)

Toe Touches

High Knees

Butt Kickers

Straight Leg Hops

Side Shuffles

Side Shuffle with Jumping Jacks

Toes Out Walk

Toes In Walk

Heel Walk

Toe Walk

Outside Foot Walk

Inside Foot Walk

Fast Feet

Metcon Prep


Movement Prep

Back to Wall Drill:

20 Seconds of Slow Pulls in Place

20 Seconds of Faster Pulls in Place

100 Meter Run

Wall Facing Drill:

20 Seconds Slow Pulls

20 Seconds Faster Pulls

100 Meter Run


Team Tosh Sprints (Time)

Teams of 2:

3 Rounds:

200 Meter Run

400 Meter Run

600 Meter Run

One athlete works at a time while the other rests

The flow of the workout goes as follow:

Athlete 1 runs 200 meters, Athlete 2 runs 200 meters

Athlete 1 runs 400 meters, Athlete 2 runs 400 meters

Athlete 1 runs 600 meters, Athlete 2 runs 600 meters

Repeat that cycle 2 more times for total of 3 rounds each

The score today is total time it takes for athletes to complete the 3 rounds

On the shorter side, this takes athletes around 30 minutes to complete

Athletes on the longer side will take 38-40 minutes to complete the work


If unable to run, complete the following:

Row: 250-500-750