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CrossFit Tucker – Barbell Club


3x through as superset

Z-Press with barbell – 10 reps

Shoulder passthroughs with PVC – 10 reps

3x through as superset

Overhead lunge with plate – 10 steps (5 per side)

Hold bottom of air squat and move around – 1min

Skill Warm-up

With PVC/Bar or less than 50%

Overhead Squat


Drop Snatch


Power Position Snatch


Knee Hang Snatch


Low Hang Snatch

Skill with Weight

Work up to weight where technique begins to fail

3 position Snatch – Pauses at mid-shin (hover), knee, & power position

Skill Application

EMOM for 6min

Pause Snatch from hover hang position


5 sets @ 100% of Snatch Max

Each set is 3x(1+1) of:

Snatch Deadlift (or Pull)


5sec Negative

Touch and Go, but barely kiss the ground with plates between reps.