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CrossFit Tucker – Barbell Club


Perform as supersets


20sec Hollow Hold

20sec Superman Hold

(Try to roll between movements without letting arms/legs touch the ground)


Shoulder stretch with hands on bench

Band-assisted hip flexor stretch

Skill Warm-up

With barbell only

Front Squat


Hang Clean from Power Position


Hang Clean from Knee


Hang Clean from Mid-Shin


Push Press


Split Jerk with 3sec hold

Skill with Weight

Work up to weight where technique begins to fail

3 Position Clean + Jerk

Pause below the knee, just above the knee, & Power Position

Skill Application

Clean & Jerk at 90-100% of weight from previous complex.


Today’s Strength work for the Crossfit WOD

Back Squat

3×4 @ 85%