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We hate to say goodbye 😢, but lets send Coach Christina off with a WOD and celebration to remember! There will be a FAREWELL partner WOD on Saturday, February 16th at 9am (with a potluck brunch to follow). Come wish her well and say goodbye, before she makes the move back home to Ohio.

Friends/Family are welcome. Bring a brunch dish or side to share. Partner WOD will be posted closer to the date. It will be a fun one!

CrossFit Tucker – Barbell Club


3x through as superset

Z-Press with 1sec hold at top – 8reps

Hollow Hold 30sec

3x through as superset

Banded hip stretch 30 sec per side

Calf raise and drop to split jerk and hold for 3sec – 5 reps

Skill Warm-up

5x through this complex with one or more reps per movement.

Muscle Clean


Front Squat


Tall Clean


Push Press


Split Jerk with 3sec hold

Skill with Weight

Work up to heavy weight before failure

Hang Clean


Front Squat



Skill Application

EMOM 5min @ 100% of weight from complex

Clean & Jerk


Crossfit Strength Programming for the day.

Banded Sumo Deadlift (2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2)

10 x 2 @80% of Last Monday, every 60s.