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december athlete

Jon Gallant

Q: What got you interested in CrossFit?
“I had been curious about CrossFit for several years before joining based upon the recommendations from a number of friends and I did experiment with CrossFit-style workouts in my LA Fitness days (Grace, Cindy, etc.). But I was intimidated by what I saw online and on TV and I remember thinking (ignorantly) that CrossFit seemed like a great fit for 20-somethings but was not really approachable for others. And it is a great fit for 20-somethings, but it’s also a great fit for everyone else and I suppose I was just intimidated, scared, or both. I remember driving by CrossFit Tucker on my way to LA Fitness when it first opened and realizing that this would be my first real opportunity to join since it was close to home. Armed with the typical excuses (time, fit, age, lifestyle, etc.), it took me another couple of years to pull the trigger. I’m so glad I did.”

Q: How long have you been at Crossfit Tucker?

“I have been a member for 2 years.”

Q: What class do you usually attend and why?

“I attend 5 a.m. because it is the only time that I can consistently attend without conflict. I’m not naturally an early riser and setting my alarm for 4:18 a.m. makes me ill just thinking about it, but knowing that my fellow 5 a.m. gladiators will be there is great accountability.”

Q: What is your favorite movement / WOD so far in your CrossFit career?
“Power clean/Grace.”

Q:What is your favorite cheat meal? I eat fewer carbs than I used to, but I still love butter and sugar and bread. “Chicken wings!”