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Patricia Sale

Q: What got you interested in CrossFit?
Prior to Crossfit  I had been a regular runner and played tennis.  I had a dream to run a marathon before I was 50, but then In 2004 I went through a year of surgeries and chemotherapy for breast cancer. Getting past that motivated me. I ran my first  marathon the next year. I also knew I needed weight bearing exercise for my bone density and age. Suzanne told me about the opening of CFT.

Q: How long have you been at Crossfit Tucker?

since 2012. I started in the 7 AM class, it was small in the beginning, and I used to hope I wouldn’t be the only one there, but Mike was always there too.

Q: What class do you usually attend and why?

6 AM – no conflicts/excuses at that time of day! Also I love working out with this class – everyone is encouraging and committed to being fit and that makes me show up. We are sorta like a family.

Q: What is your favorite movement / WOD so far in your CrossFit career?
I have learned to like weight lifting  At first I could not even keep all the terms for the movements straight. Power cleans are a favorite. Also I like the longer endurance WODs, work-outs with running and group WODs/games. Fight Gone Bad is a good one.

Q:What is your favorite cheat meal? I eat fewer carbs than I used to, but I still love butter and sugar and bread. French toast is a favorite treat.