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Don’t drop the turkey! (Time)

In teams of 2-3, complete:

4 Rounds of:

800m Turkey Trot (Medball run)

40 Turkey tosses over the rig (Wallball shots over the rig)

40 Turkey ups (Medball sit ups)
* RX weight is 20/14

* Durning the run, the turkey (medball) must be passed between teammates. During the turkey tosses over the rig, the turkey is tosses over the rig in a wallball shot fashion to your teammate(s). During the turkey ups, the team is to perform partner turkey passes alternating the turkey each rep.

* The reps are total per team not, not per person.

** KICKER** If the turkey is dropped at ANY point for any reason at all the whole team is to stop the work and do 10 burpees each.